How to Care for a Crested Gecko

How to Care for a Crested Gecko

Are you interested in owning a new pet? What are your thoughts on reptiles? If you are fine with reptiles, you should consider caringfor a crested gecko? They are interesting pets that are very easy to care for. With wonderful skin and growth spurts, these reptiles are a quick moving species. See if you can keep up!

Where to Live


Before you buy a crested gecko, you should figure out what it will live in. One of the best options is owning a large-size terrarium. The more space the better for “cresties.” Start with a 10 gallon size, when they are babies, and work your way up to a 20 gallon size. Since crested geckos live in humid conditions, make your walls screened to keep their living quarters humid, if you live in a humid environment. If you don’t live in humid conditions, then use a spray bottle to add humidity or place a humidifier near the terrarium.

Adding Real Plants and Objects


Real plants are better for a crested gecko than fake plants. Real vegetation is great for “cresties" to hide under or climb up on. Adding bark or other pieces in the terrarium will change the landscape of its environment. A local pet store will have some great options for you in this department.

Warm Temperature


Crested geckos love a warm environment. The average temperature is right around 27 degrees Celsius or 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Never keep your terrarium under 18 degrees Celsius or 65 degrees Fahrenheit. A warm bulb can do the trick of keeping your crested gecko comfortable.

Keep Clean


The cage for your crested gecko needs to be cleaned on the regular. You can always wipe down areas with a paper towel, but a deep clean should happen every week. To do this, wipe down the entire cage completely with soap and water. Also, remove objects from the water dish.

Gecko Feeding and Drinking


There are a few ways you can feed your gecko. Stores sell a powdered mix that contains major nutrients for a gecko. Usually, you will need to mix with water and place it in a dish. They can eat three times per week. Another way to feed your gecko is by providing it crickets or fruit, like peaches or apricots. Also, provide your gecko with an unlimited water supply to keep it hydrated.

Holding your Gecko


Do not hold your gecko right at first. They need to get accustomed to their new environment. After three or four weeks, or if they become 3 inches long, start to hold them for five minutes and no more. Hold them gently, as if they are very fragile because they are!

Owning a crested gecko is one of the best pets to own. They are easy pets to have, if you know what you are doing. Enjoy your experience with your “crestie!”

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