How to Care for a Papaya Tree

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How to Care for a Papaya Tree

Papaya tree is a great tree to plant if you live in a sunny, and snow free environment. They can be planted all year round, though they grow faster when planted in the summertime. Here is how to care for a papaya tree when growing it from just a seed.


papaya tree in sunlight

If you plan on growing your papaya tree, make sure that you live in a hot area. The papaya tree needs sunlight to grow. They won’t die if you live in a colder area, but it is harder to keep them growing if there’s snow and frost.



hands in soil

Make sure that the soil you use to plant your tree is well drained. This helps the water soak into the deeper parts of the soil and not just the top layer. The papaya tree can get sick if it stays too moist. A great soil to use is loamy soil as this soil helps keep the nutrients and water trapped inside of it. You can put up to 5 seeds in one hole. Make sure that the soil is moist most of the time while it’s still growing.

Papaya Seeds

papaya with seeds

What’s amazing about papayas, is that they come with so many seeds in one fruit. You don't even need to go buy the seeds, you can just buy a papaya and use the seeds that come with it. The seeds are covered with a outer jelly coat, you will need to remove the jelly coat for the seeds to grow. Then, you’ll need to dry them in the shade.


sunny weather

Papaya trees needs a lot of sunlight. The seed can sprout in about 2 weeks if it has enough sun. They can’t really get too much sunlight, so you won’t need to worry about it getting burnt. Just remember to water it.



guy watering plants and trees

Your papaya tree does need water, but make sure not to give it too much. You could kill the tree. How many times you need to water it will depend on the the climate and weather that it lives in. It differs for everybody. You can tell that your tree isn’t getting enough water when the flowers start dropping. 



orange, ripe papaya

When your green papayas start to turn yellow/orange, you can start to pick them. Usually they don't turn ripe all at the same time. They will probably turn ripe one at a time everyday.


cut open papaya, a bit bruised

When you are picking the papayas, make sure not to squeeze them too hard; the fruit is soft and can bruise quite easily. DO NOT fertilize your tree with chicken manure if it’s under 2 years old as it will kill the tree. You don't even need to use a fertilizer if you don't want to.


Papaya trees are really easy to care for, which makes them a great fruit tree to grow. If you are just starting to plant trees and plants in your yard, papaya trees are a great option to try out. Also, the fact that they grow continuously allows you to have delicious papayas for a very long time.

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