How to Care for a Ferret

How to Care for a Ferret

Ferrets are fun and furry animals that can be nice pets to have around. Like other pets, they need a lot of attention, so make sure that you care for one properly so that it stays happy and healthy. To make this possible, here are a couple of ways on how to care for a ferret.

Life and Health


Ferrets live around 6 - 13 years. To make sure they stay healthy, take them to the vet for vaccinations and check ups. Monthly health checks are recommended for young ferrets, then a few yearly health checks once when they enter their more adult years. 



Ferrets are intelligent and social pets that need activity and interaction with others of their species. Ferrets like to nip for fun; train them properly so that they know nipping humans is not exactly fun for us.

While ferrets are can play quite intensely with one another, they are not animals that should be allowed near children. The children can be easily injured and frightened by the nips and bared teeth of ferrets, which might cause the child to get scared.

Cage and Appliances


Ferret cages are usually two sections and have a little hammock. Soft fabric can be used as bedding; this fabric needs to be washed a lot, and the cage needs to be thoroughly cleaned a couple times a week. You will also need to buy heavy grounded bowls and a small bottle to keep your ferret fed and hydrated.



Ferrets are carnivorous in nature, and you need to change the food everyday for your ferret. Find food made specifically for ferrets that are high in fat. You can feed your ferret a mixture of food as they tend to be a little particular about what they are consuming. Treats can also help your ferret gain weight for the colder seasons. (They don't hibernate though!) Make sure NOT to give your ferret any grains, as it will make your ferret sick; most ferrets also don't care for any food that is made up of fish. 

Ferrets are exotic pets, so make sure that you are allowed to have him as a pet where you live. Although they are often compared to cats and dogs, they sleep a lot and can be trained to use a litter box. They are also social and love being around people. Ferrets are in a whole new category of pets all on their own!

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