How to Care for Fish

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How to Care for Fish

Fish come in all different shapes and sizes. Often times, the fish tank is harder to take care of than the actual fish. The fish will need housing, regular feeding, and most of all, a consistently scrubbed and cleaned tank. Make sure you're prepared and can maintain having a healthy fish before you actually go out and purchase a fish. In this article, you will learn how to care for fish.

Before Getting Your Fish

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Once you are sure that you want to buy a fish, make sure that you have all the necessities for him before purchasing him. You'll need to buy the food for the fish and all the necessary accessories to the tank for your fish. It's also important to make sure your tank is big enough for your fish; if you're getting multiple fish, make sure there is enough space for all the fish to swim and hide comfortably without disrupting each other.

Your fish can't survive in chlorine so make sure to get water conditioner to separate it from the tap water. Also, buy some fun decorations for the tank, this way your fish can swim and hide around the objects.

Finding Your Fish

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First, you have to decide what kind and how many fish you want. Some fish can't live in the same tank together, so make sure to buy well suited ones. Otherwise, one fish may end up eating another or hurting another. Different fish need different kinds of fish foods, and some fish might have more specific needs than others.

Fish can be relatively easy and low maintenance pets to keep. Some fish are perfectly content with store-bought fish flakes and can be fed with a timed food dispenser, which makes it much easier for the owner to work throughout the day without having to check up on the fish constantly and feed it on a schedule.

Put Your Fish in the Tank

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Get a good sized tank for your fish. If you are getting more than one, trying researching or asking the pet shop owner how much space each fish would need. Before placing your first in the tank, make sure to test your new tank and equipment's for quite a while to be sure that the equipment is running the way it is supposed to be.

After this, you can put your fish in gently. A good way to go about this gently is to place the bag that the fish came in into the tank for around 15 minutes so the fish can adapt to the new temperature of the tank without getting shocked. Then, use a small hand-held net and scoop the fish out and put him into the tank. 


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Feed your fish with fish pellets a few times a day. It's easy to feed your fish because you can buy regular fish pellets and shake some into his tank. He will swim around gathering and eating all the flakes. He will also know when he's full and stop eating the food. Make sure not to overfeed or underfeed him, as it might make him unhealthy.

Fish are one of the most peaceful and easy pets to have. No matter what type of fish you’re thinking of getting, there are some basic fish-care facts that apply and you should keep in mind to give your fish the best life you can. 

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