How to Care for a Horse

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How to Care for a Horse

Owning a horse can be a very complex process. They are beautiful animals that require a lot of care and attention. You need to groom them, feed them, train them, bond with them, and keep them in tip-top good health. Here you will learn a few ways on how to care for a horse.

Food and Water

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While grass is a horse's basic food, it may not always be available, and may not be appropriate in specific situations. If you are feeding your horse hay, make sure that it's high quality hay that is clean.

Your horse can also have half a pound of grain per hundred pounds of their weight everyday. It's also important that you split it into a several portions each day. Another key thing to be careful about is that your horse's water trough is always clean and full, and that your horse has access to the trough anytime of day to prevent your horse from getting thirsty.

Taking Care of Your Horse

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You can groom your horse by first, securing your horse to something so that she stays put while you're grooming her. Then, you can begin grooming her in a calm and soothing manner. With your specialize horse brushes, use the brush to untangle the dirt from your horse’s fur, coat and mane. This will keep her coat shiny and new. 

You should also look to clean your horse's hooves, which can be a frustrating task. To make this step easier, stay calmly by your horse and hold her leg up with your thigh. Then, with the right equipment, extract any other objects that may have become stuck in your horse’s hoof.

Enough Space

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Always make sure your horse has enough space to roam on her own - it's very important for her wellbeing that she can trot and run around throughout the day even if you're not there with her. 

Checking the Hooves

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It's important you always stay on top of your horse's health in terms of her hooves. The hoof can easily become infected or hurt during regular exercise or the day to day. Always be on the look out for strange infections or more damaging objects like nails in your horse's hoof. Call a vet immediately if anything looks wrong with your horse's hooves.

Getting to Know Each Other

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One of the most important parts of owning a horse is to be able to bond with her. Start by staying near her, but don't go to her quickly, let her come to you. Once she knows you, you can make the first move, but always remember to stay calm and talk to her gently as you're near her. Let your horse sniff your hand, as well as recognize your scent and voice. This will help build the trust between you two.


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Like most other animals, horses will also need regular exercise to keep healthy. Before any intense exercise, it's important to warm up your horse; otherwise, she may hurt or injure herself. The structure and duration of exercise session depends on the type of horse you have as well as how old your horse is. Horses should receive exercise at least a couple times a week for around one hour long, but also make sure you allow your horse enough resting time throughout the week as well to recuperate her body and muscles.


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Don't forget to schedule veterinary check-ups for your horse. It's very important to have regular physical exams to make sure that your horse is healthy and is getting all her supplements and vaccinations.

** Fun fact: Horses are very large animals, so when you call a vet, they come to you instead! **

While having a horse can be difficult, it can also be a very rewarding bonding experience between the horse and you. Try volunteering at a ranch before making the decision of buying a horse; that way, you'll know exactly what's it's like to care for a horse.

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