How to Care for a Mouse

How to Care for a Mouse

Mice are one of the best animals to own when it's your first pet. They are small and easy to care for because they don't need a lot of attention or time. Here are a few things that you will need to know on how to care for a mouse.



Mice have a fast metabolism, but they are small, so they don't need to eat a lot each time you feed them. You can buy pellets, seeds or hamster food at your local pet shop. For snacks, you can give him small pieces of carrots or apples.

A fun fact is that mice don't particularly like cheese, but it your mouse does, you can give him a little, but not too much as it might make him sick. Mice like to sleep during the day and be awake at night, so try to feed him right after he wakes up.



Like all other animals, mice need to have access to water all the time, so make sure to fill up a drip-bottle for him to drink from. If your mice won't drink for it, you can use a small ceramic bowl and see if he will drink from there. Drip-bottles are easier to refill and clean, so try it first before getting him the bowl.



The most common toy for a mouse to exercise with is an exercise wheel. The bigger, the better, because your mouse needs to be able to fit on the wheel without curving his spine.



Mice tend to escape their cages quite often, so a wire cage or an aquarium is a good house for these little creatures. If you are getting an aquarium, make sure that it has a roof. If you are using a wire cage, make sure that the bars aren't too far apart that they can get stuck or get out.

Floor and Bedding


Make sure you have a soft floor for your mouse to run and sleep on. It makes it easier for you because the floor is your mouse's nest. You only need shredded paper that has no ink on it, and lay it on ground. You should remove the dirty parts everyday, and clean the whole cage once every week.



Mice live for around 3 years, so they are great pets to have if it's your first time getting one. If you like to travel or work all the time, mice are one of the best animals to own because they are so small and easy to take care of. You can ask a relative or friend that isn't scared of mice to care for him while you're gone.

Mice are friendly and adorable little creatures that make great friends. If you want to get more than one mouse (recommended), try getting two female ones, because male mice can fight. Make sure that your mouse is healthy when you pick him up from the pet store.

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