How to Care for a Parakeet

How to Care for a Parakeet

Parakeets (also known as Budgies) are colorful and energetic birds. Being that they are an exotic pet, not a lot of people own them. If you are looking for ways on how to care for a parakeet, here are a couple of things you should know.



Parakeets like to stretch their wings and fly around their cages, so make sure to pick out a big cage when you go to the pet store. If the cage doesn't come with a perch (most should), try and find some thick and sturdy branches to place inside the cage for your parakeet to climb and play on.



You have to feed your bird everyday. His main course should be seeds and pellets. He can get bored on one brand, so try switching it up every once in a while. As extra snacks to chew on, you can give him some fruits and veggies. For example: kiwis, apples (NO SEEDS!), carrots, and broccoli. You can find a list of foods NOT to feed your parakeet online, or if you want to get it straight from a professional source: ask your vet.



Your pet needs to have access to water 24/7. Make sure to dump out the old water and switch it with new everyday. Try adding an extra bowl of water in his cage, like a bathtub. Some birds like to use their drinking water to wash themselves; to avoid this, get them a separate bowl for washing.



Most vets know how to take care of a bird in case it gets sick, but if your region doesn't have parakeets, make sure you find a vet that knows how to treat the bird.



Once a week, take your bird out of his cage and give the cage thorough cleaning. Make sure to switch out dirty newspaper everyday with new ones, you don't want you or your pet to catch any diseases.



You and your bird have to learn to trust and respect one another (tip: snacks help!). Don't push yourself on him and expect him to like you. Parakeets are social animals, so they like the company. If you don't have the time to be with him, try getting another parakeet to keep him company.

Play Time


Birds need to fly, like we need to walk. So let him out of him cage at least once or twice per week to stretch his wings. Make sure you have nothing in the room that can cause him harm. A lot of furniture or decorations have toxic chemicals inside; be sure to take them out so he doesn't chew on them and get sick.

Parakeets are exotic birds, so make sure to take good care of him if you decide to get one. They may take more work than normal everyday birds, but once you have bonded with him, it'll be like having a new best friend.

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