How to Care for a Rabbit

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How to Care for a Rabbit

Rabbits can make wonderful pets. They will become a new member of the family but, as sensitive animals, are better suited for teenagers and adults. Children should only be near rabbits when there are grown-ups to supervise nearby. Some rabbits can be skittish so make sure your children aren't forcing themselves on the animal.

Choosing a Home

rabbit in cage pet

Get a home that your rabbit can fit comfortably in. For an average-sized rabbit, you'll need a cage that's big enough for them to run around in as well as hide comfortably. Don't forget that you'll also need space for the food, water and a litter box. Lay down hay or soft shavings on the ground, such as those made of pine. Rabbits like to make soft and warm nests, so make sure that the bedding is deep enough that when your bunny lays on it, they can't feel the hard ground beneath them.

Hutch for Your Rabbit

rabbit hutch small house

Get your rabbit a hutch. The rabbit house is a good way to keep your bunny outside when it needs to get some fresh air. They are usually made of wood. You can even make your own if you don't want to spend the money. Just make sure that it's solid and safe for you rabbit to live and run around in.

Equipment and Items

rabbit cage

Get a litter box. Rabbits will use the same spot as a toilet over and over, kind of like cats and their litter boxes. Line a small litter box with newspaper, and fill it with hay or litter made for bunnies, and place it in his cage.

Rabbits also love hiding places, like cardboard or wooden crates. You can either buy one or use one that you already have laying around. If you want, you can actually try and make a small hiding box for your rabbit yourself, and that way, you won't have to spend as much money.


rabbit grass chewing

Rabbits love chewing on things, and as a bonus, it keeps their teeth healthy and strong. Make sure that your rabbit has snacks or treats to bite on or he might chew on your furniture and other objects laying around your house. Apple, willow, special leaves, branches, and cotton towels are all okay for your bunny to chew on.

Food and Water

two rabbits grass

Rabbits are herbivores, and their main sustenance is grass. Grass has the correct balance of nutrients and fiber. However, grass doesn't grow all year round, so you will need to exchange the grass with other types of foods.

Green hay is the best alternative. If you are feeding him pellets, only give a little, and the rest of the mix should be hay. Make sure your bunny has water at all times, and the water is clean of dirt, algae or other unwanted residue.

Once you get use to the routine of having a rabbit, having that soft cuddly friend will be incredibly worthwhile. Rabbits are smaller animals, so always make sure you take care of them gently.

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