How to Carve a Pumpkin

Step by step
How to Carve a Pumpkin

When halloween is near, everyone wants their own spooky carved pumpkin displayed on their doorstep. If it’s not that time of year and you still want to carve a pumpkin, there are so many other carvings you can try out! Want to know how to carve a pumpkin? Follow these few easy steps!

Choosing Your Pumpkin


Your first step is to find a place to get your pumpkin. Do you want to get it at a supermarket, or do you want a pumpkin patch so that you have more options? Once you’ve found the place to buy your pumpkin, you have decide what size you want the pumpkin to be. When you have a couple of pumpkins picked out, you can compare them to see which one looks ripe and healthy. You want it to last quite a while!


serrated knife

Now that you have your pumpkin, you'll need the tools to carve it out. You’re going to need: a sheet of paper, scissors, a pen, a sharp knife, a large spoon, and a light to put into your pumpkin.


paper and pen

Once you have all your tools, it’s time to move to the next step: choosing your design. If you are carving your pumpkin for halloween, you might want to stick with a spooky theme. But if you are doing it for fun or practice, you can choose any kind of theme you like. 


girl tracing her pumpkin

The next step is to take your scissors and make a paper cut out of the design you made. This way you can trace your design onto the pumpkin. You’ll need your paper and pen. Once you’ve traced the design a couple of times, you also want to make a circle around the top of the pumpkin. Think of it as a cap that can come on and off. You want to cut out an opening so that you can hollow out your pumpkin.

Hollow out Your Pumpkin

hollowing out the pumpkin

Now that you have your pumpkin cap off, it’s time to hollow out the inside of the pumpkin. Take your large spoon and start scooping out all the filling. It might take a couple of minutes until your pumpkin is completely clean on the inside.

Start Carving

carving design in pumpkin

Finally, you can start carving your pumpkin’s face. Take your knife and carefully start carving your pumpkin. If you're under the age of 18, you should get adult supervision for this process. You'll want to use your knife and carefully cut out the design that you made on your pumpkin. If you want, you can put on some gloves to protect your hand. Just make sure that you have a firm grip on your pumpkin, so that the knife doesn’t slip away from you.

Light and Cap

jack o lantern

Now that you have your carving, you want to take your light and stick it inside your hollowed pumpkin. This light can be LED or a candle - it’s your choice. Once you have your candle lit, you can put the pumpkin cap back on. And there you have it! Your amazing new pumpkin head that will take your doorstep to the next level!

Carving pumpkins can be a fantastic game for both kids and adults. It’s a tradition that will be carried on for years! If kids are participating in the game, make sure that there is an adult to watch over them. But other than that, we wish you a wonderful Halloween and pumpking carving!

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