How to Crochet

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How to Crochet

Like knitting and sewing, crocheting is a fun, rewarding hobby that will leave you with both beautiful new garments, accessories, decorations, and more, as well as a feeling of accomplishment and pride. And it's quickly becoming a popular hobby:  More and more people are starting to crochet. But this leaves novices wondering how to crochet. It's simpler than you would think!

Understanding the Craft

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Crocheting, like knitting, is a way to turn a bundle of yarn into something absolutely beautiful. But, crocheting differs from knitting in a variety of ways. For one, there is no needle used. Instead, you use a single hook to pull the yarn through loops. Secondly, you work one-handed, instead of two. But, even with one less tool, the end result is exquisite, if done propoerly.


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Before you start your first crocheting project, you need to have the right equipment. The first thing that you should look for is the appropriate hook. There are a wide variety of styles, sizes, and purposes. A cheap hook set for a beginner is perfect; you don't need something that will withstand years of use right now. Get a variety of sizes, though you'll likely be using the size 5 hook (or 5 mm) in the beginning.


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After finding the right hook, you should find the right yarn. The appropriate yarn depends on your project but, as a beginner, you should avoid yarns that require special handling, are very frizzy or fuzzy, or are really large or very small. Light-worsted or medium-worsted yarns are the best for those who are new to crocheting, because they're easy to work with.

Holding the Hook

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Before you actually start crocheting, you should learn how to hold your hook. It's not very difficult! Start off with the curved part of your hook facing downwards, and slightly towards you. Then, put your thumb on the flat part of the hook, near the middle. Put your index finger on the other side of the hook, as though pinching it. Let the hook rest against your middle finger, resting on it.

The Slip Knot

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The slip knot is an important step in a lot of yarn projects. It's how you get the piece started! So, learn to tie them well. Start off with the end of a piece of your yarn. Next, pull some of it down, parallel to the other, so that there is a loop at the top. Then twist it, so that the parallel lines now form an X. Pull the left bit of yarn through the loop until tight. And you have a slip knot!

Making a Chain

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The real crocheting begins! Once you have a slip knot around your hook, pull a piece of the yarn around your hook, making sure that it actually hooks it! Then, use the hook to pull it through the slip knot that you first created. Congratulations, you just made your first stitch! Keep doing this, pulling the yarn through, until the chain is as long as you need it to be.

Turning and Tying

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When you chain is long enough, it's time to turn. Turn your project facing away from you, and turn your hook to point towards the project. You'll see the looped bit from your previous stitches at the top of the chain. Push the hook through there, yarn over, and pull through both the first loop as well as the loop on your hook. Repeat. Once you've finished your project, tie it. Do this by cutting your yarn, leaving a few inches of tail. Then, using your hook, pull it through the loop on your hook, and then tighten. Trim the tail.

Crocheting is fun, creative, and an interesting challenge. With these basics, you're well on your way to learning this fine craft!

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