How to Curl Your Hair without Heat

How to Curl Your Hair without Heat

There are so many way to curl your hair without any heat. If you are trying to find ways on how to curl your hair without heat, here are a couple of ways your can do without damaging your hair.

Headband Curls


This method is very close to the "sock bun" method. First, put on your elastic headband. Make sure that the headband you use will stay on your head throughout the night. Then, start twisting pieces of your hair. Once you have a twisted piece, start wrapping it around the headband. Twist and wrap until every piece of hair is secured inside the headband. If you have a few pieces loose, use bobby pins to secure them in place.

Sock Bun


A "sock bun" is one of the most popular ways to curl your hair using no heat. You only need a sock and a couple of bobby pins. Start by cutting off the end of the sock, and rolling it outwards. In the end, it should look like a doughnut. Then, use the doughnut hole and pull your hair through the hole. Split it into 2 sections before wrapping a section of your hair around the bun, twisting it until the end. Then, when you've finished wrapping your hair around the doughnut sock, take a couple of bobby pins and secure the ends of your hair in place. Do this before going to bed as most heatless curls need to be done overnight to allow curls to set.

Soft Rollers


Soft rollers are basically long bendable sticks that can be used to curl your hair. They usually come in packs of 10. First, twist one section of your hair until it's pretty tight, then wrap that hair around the stick. Once you're at the end of the hair, bobby pin it, then twist both ends of the stick inwards, securing the stick to your head. Do this to every section until you're out of hair. You can remove it in the morning again!

Twisting Crown


This is one of the easiest and fastest way to curl your hair even though long hair is necessary for this to work. Start by parting your hair into 2 sections. Twist one section of your hair until it's pretty secure. Then, lift it over your head - the end of your hair should reach the other ear. Bobby pin it until it's secure. Do the same with the other side, then sleep on it.

Braid Crown


The braid crown is pretty similar to the twisting crown. In both methods, you cross each section over to the other side of your head. Although, this time, you will braid the 2 sections. Don't braid them at the back of your head, you want to braid them close to your ears. This way, it'll be easier to sleep with.

Here are only a couple of methods to curl your hair without heat. There are so many other kinds of ways you can try. If might be harder if you have shorter hair, but bobby pins are usually pretty handy in these situations.

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