How to Eat Dragon Fruit

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How to Eat Dragon Fruit

Are you looking for another fruit to enjoy in the morning for breakfast? Have bananas, apples, and oranges gotten old? Then, you should eat dragon fruit. With its freshness and sweet texture, dragon fruit is connected with the cactus family, and provides wonderful nutrients like Vitamin B and C. If you like yogurt, throw this fruit in the blender for something smooth and delicate.

Finding the Fruit


Dragon fruit is a rare commodity in many parts of the world, so you finding the fruit itself might be the most difficult part. If you can’t find it locally, you may have to check out an Asian grocery to help get you some.

Picking the Right One

dragon fruit dish

When you have found dragon fruit, do not just pick anyone that you see. They need to be ripe for you to take it hope. Dragon fruit should look pink or bright red in color. Secondly, to see if the fruit is fresh or not, push it in with your fingers. If you feel a little give in the fruit, it is ripe and really to go. If it is over soft, it may be too ripe and not worth eating. Does the fruit not give at all? You can still buy it, but wait a few days to use it.


dragon fruit prepare

Like a lot of fruit, you have to prepare dragon fruit. Grab a knife and slice through the fruit, hot dog style. The middle of the fruit has a consistency that looks like a kiwi with tiny seeds. Next, get a spoon and scoop out the fruit. You will know it is ripe and ready to eat if it comes right out with the spoon.

Eating and Consuming

dragon fruit eating

There are a few ways to eat dragon fruit. First, you can spoon dragon fruit right into the mouth. Also, you can cut it up into pieces like an apple. Refrigerating dragon fruit is another option to make it taste even better. Lastly, do not eat the skin of dragon fruit. Like a banana peel, it just needs to be tossed in the garbage.

Recipe Options

dragon fruit dish recipe

There are some wonderful dragon fruit recipes that will add to the flavor of this magnificent fruit. Try fruit kebabs, sorbet, or smoothies to change up the way your consume dragon fruit.

Eating dragon fruit is a real treat to say the least. It offers great vitamins and minerals to help your body stay fresh and rejuvenated. Try it today, and you will want to eat it every day of the week.

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