How to Grow Bananas

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How to Grow Bananas

Banana plants are surprisingly easy fruits to grow. They do grow quite a bit, so you might want to plant the banana in a bigger area. You don’t want to squeeze it into a pot. Here is how to grow bananas all by yourself.



If you plan on growing your own bananas, make sure that you live in an environment that's not too cold, but also not too hot. The plant is quite sensitive to extreme temperatures, and that’s why they can be harder to grow compared to normals fruits. The coldest temperate your plants can stand is around 19 Degrees Celsius.


land full of banana plants

Make sure that the soil you use is rich and fertile. If you plan to grow more than one herb, try to ensure that you don't plant them too close to one another. It’s better to grow more than one, because they tend to grow faster and bigger when they are surrounded and using the same soil.


cut up banana

You usually can't find any banana seeds in the normal bananas that you buy at the grocery store. They are grown especially not to have any seeds. The best way to get the seeds is to buy them from your local plant store. They probably have it if you live in an area that grows a lot of bananas.


sunny day

You'll also want to make sure that the plant get’s at least 10 hours of sunlight everyday. Of course, even if it doesn’t get enough sunlight, it can still grow, just a lot slower.


watering plants

Banana plants need a lot of water, but if there’s leftover water that hasn't been drained, it can cause the plant to rot. You need to make sure that the plant gets enough water, but that the rest of the water is still drained. When you are buying the soil, try asking the manager how well it drains, or if you need to buy any other necessities for the plant.


bunch of bananas

Around 9 months later, it’s time to harvest the bananas! Even though the color is still green, you have to cut it off at this time. The flower at the end of the banana batch will be dry and can be taken off easily. They will slowly turn yellow, it takes a couple of days or up to a week until all of them change color.


watermelon scraps
  • Banana plants love organic matter. If you don’t want to buy fertilizer, try keeping a bin of fruits and veggie scraps that you can later dump near the plant. This will act as a natural fertilizer.
  • Although banana plants may seem large and stable, they can be flipped over from strong winds. So, if you live in an area that has occasional strong winds, you might want to make your plants as stable as possible.
  • There are all different types of bananas, so make sure you buy the kind you are looking for, and research to find out what your plants need.

An interesting fact about bananas, is that they aren’t actually grown from trees. They are herbs. Banana plants may require a lot of time and effort, but they are delicious fruits that keep on giving. You can eat the bananas that you've planted with your own two hands every year!

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