How to Host a Great Party

Step by step
How to Host a Great Party

Attending a party as a guest is fun and easy, but having to host a party… that’s can be quite exhausting. This might be the perfect job for someone that likes assigning tasks, organizing events and entertaining others. If that sounds like you, keep reading to find out how to host a great party!


invitation card

First, you want to figure out how many people you want coming to the party. Once you have the estimated amount of people, you can make a list of their names. What kind of an invite do you want to send out? An evite, an email, or even just a text inviting them to come and have fun. If it’s a more formal event, you might want to send a beautiful letter! 


party at the lake

Once you have the number of people attending the party, you can start looking for the party location. Do you want to have it at your house, rent an Airbnb, or reserve a large and fancy ballroom? You should count how many guest you expect via the RSVPs, as this way, you know how big the place needs to be. 

Helpers and Staff

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Having friends and family around for help is really great when you’re planning a party. Not only will it be fun with everyone around, it will also seem like the time’s going by faster. If you are planning a larger party, you might need to hire additional staff for food and decorations.

Decorations and Furniture

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What will bring your party to the next level is the decorations and comfortable furniture. Doesn’t matter where you are planning to have your party, you need to make sure that the surrounding is comfortable and pleasing to the eye. In addition, don't forget to choose what kind of theme your party is going to have, and find the decorations that will match that theme. You’ll also want to have music that matches as well! You can set up a playlist on Spotify beforehand if you want an easy alternative to a DJ.

Food and Drinks

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Everyone loves food. This is one of the key parts to hosting a fantastic party. Your food and drink options will depend on what type of party you’re having. If you aren’t sure what to go for, mini sandwiches are always a popular dish, whether you’re at a fancy event or just a house gathering. Drinks are usually easier, you can have a variety for your guests to choose from. Lemon water, soda, juices, tea, coffee, wine, etc.. This way all your guests can have something to drink!

Being a Hospitable Host

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Now that you have all the arrangements ready, you can start greeting the guests to your party. Remember to try and stay near the doorway; this way, you can greet everyone that comes in through the door. You want to try and talk to everyone that you’ve invited, but it’s okay if you can’t make it through every single person. If you don’t have the time to chat with someone, try telling them that you’ll catch up with them later. Make sure your guests know where the food, drinks and bathroom is. At the end of the party, you want to thank everyone for coming and hope they had a great night.

Hosting a party can be tiring, but at the end of the night, it’ll feel amazing to know you’ve accomplished such a taxing task. Remember that you want to keep the party at a reasonable size and somewhere that has thick walls if you’re planning to have a loud party.

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