How to Host a Sleepover Party

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How to Host a Sleepover Party

Having a sleepover means having a friend (or friends) spend the night at your house. It is meant for younger children, but can still be super fun for older children. The best parts of a sleepover are all the fun activities that are planned before you go to bed. There are all kinds of exciting activities you can do with your friends that will make your sleepover epic! Here is how to host a sleepover party at your house.


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First, decide on how many friends you want to invite. Make sure to check with your parents before inviting them. You don’t want to have too many people over. Try to stay below 5 friends. If you have too many friends, you can split them into two groups. This way, you guys can have 2 separate sleepovers, and maybe even stay at your friend’s house next time.

Bringing the Necessities

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If you don’t have enough blankets or mattresses to create a giant bed, ask your friends to bring their sleeping bags. They'll also need their toothbrushes, face wash, moisturizer and other bits and bobs that they use every night. It’s always better to be prepared. If it’s their first sleepover, make sure to get their parent’s phone number for emergencies.

Food and Drinks

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You should always have food and drinks available for your guests. Some people think it’s rude to go through someone else’s kitchen, so it’s smart to leave something out for them just in case. Try not to go overboard with the junk food, as you don’t want their parents complaining the next day. A few pieces of chocolate is fine, but you don’t want too many unhealthy treats. If you aren’t sure, try asking your parents. You should also make sure to plan out dinner. Whether your parents are cooking or you’re ordering in (pizza!), make sure that there’s enough food for everyone.

Funny and Scary Stories

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It’s best to stick with funny stories instead of scary ones. It’s safer for those that can’t sleep after hearing something scary. Don’t force anyone to do something they don’t want to do, since you want your friends to feel comfortable in your house.


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Movies are a must-have at a sleepover. It’s also a great way to pass the time. Try to find a couple of movies so that you guys can agree on at least one. You want everyone to enjoy the movie! Try not to find one that’s scary (unless you guys all love scary movies).

Sleeping Time

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Once your party starts to die down, it’s time for bed. The great part about going to sleep with your best friends around you is that you get to chat before falling asleep. Laying in bed by yourself trying to go to sleep can sometimes be a pain. When you have someone to talk to, not only is it fun, it can actually lure you to sleep. You may even get to share some secrets or gossip!

These are only a few ideas for what you can do when you have friends over for a sleepover. The next time you guys plan a sleepover, try going to your friends house to see how they host a sleepover party. It’s a great time to get new ideas!

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