How to Make Cake Pops

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How to Make Cake Pops

Cake pops are so the perfect desserts to make when you don't want to make an entire fancy cake. You will be crushing the cake, so you can make it as ugly as you want. Here is how you make cake pops.

Bake Your Cake


Start by make your cake batter. This process will depend on if you want to bake the cake from scratch or use a box of cake mix. You can choose whichever flavor you want your cake to be: vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, lemon, etc.. You will need around 4-5 cups of batter. Pour your batter into your baking pan, stick it in the oven and follow the instructions for your cake batter recipe. Once your cake is baked, take it out of the oven and cut off the dark color around the edge of the cake. Take your cake, cut it into 2-4 pieces and crumble it into a giant bowl.


Styrofoam box

Here are the essentials for making cake pops. You will need, a small ice cream scooper, freezer, cup, circular Styrofoam box, large bowl, over, microwave, baking pan, wooden skewer, and plastic lollipop sticks.

Cake Pop Filling

cake crumbles

Once you have your cake crumble, put a certain amount of icing or jam in it (depends of how much cake crumble you have). Don't add too much icing as it can get too wet and heavy. The cake pop might crumble and it won't taste good. Once you think the texture is perfect, take your ice cream scooper and scoop the crumble out. Take it into your hands and start pressing it into a ball. Make sure the outside looks smooth, then it won't fall apart. When you have all your crumble formed into balls, lay them out on a pan with parchment sheet and stick it in your fridge.

Chocolate Melts

melted chocolate in saucepan

Take your cake balls out of the fridge after 4-5 hours. By then, they will be hardened. Melt your chocolate melts and microwave them until they are smooth and dripping. Make sure that the melts you are using have a thin consistency. If the chocolate is too thick, it can cause the cake pop to fall apart.

Start by sticking your skewer into your ball to make a hole, and remember to only stick it halfway in the cake pop. Then dip one end of your lollipop stick into your melt chocolate and stick it into the hole you made. Take the other end of the stick and gently push the cake pop into the chocolate bowl. Wait for the excess to drip off, then stick them into your Styrofoam box.



For your decorations, you can use food dye in your chocolate, sprinkles, and other fun toppings.

Serve and Enjoy

chocolate cake pops

There you have it, your perfect party dessert! Easy to eat and really fun too!

Remember that you don't need to stick them in the fridge anymore because the cake crumble was cool, so when you dipped it into the chocolate, it will harden automatically a few minutes later. It's a great recipe to have when you and your friends need something fun to make.

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