How to Make Iced Tea

How to Make Iced Tea

There are all kinds of iced teas you can make when you’re feeling a bit parched on a hot, sunny day. Find out how to make iced tea by trying a couple of recipes in this article!

Regular Iced Tea


For most iced teas, the main ingredient necessary is black tea. To start off, you’ll need to boil water. Yu can do this with an electric water boiler, or you can use a pot or pan to boil your water.  Once the water starts boiling, turn off the fire. Take out 2-4 bags of black tea and put them in the boiled water. Let the tea bags soak for a few minutes before removing them. Wait another 10-15 minutes before pouring the tea into a large pitcher. Take some cold water or ice cubes to dilute the tea. This will also help cool down the warm water. Put the pitcher in the fridge if it’s not cold enough. Once the tea is ready to be served, you can add in the amount of lemon you want. Make sure to drink it fast as the lemon can turn the tea bitter if you leave it too long. If you have a sweet tooth, go ahead and add a couple of teaspoon of sugar.

Fruit Iced Tea


Drinking a fruity iced tea in the summer days will help you feel completely refreshed. Not only is it soothing, it also has a hint of sourness to to help balance the sweetness from the sweet tea. Making your ice tea with fruits is actually quite simple. You will be using the same method that you used for making regular iced tea. After you’ve finished refrigerating your iced tea, cut the fruits into cubes and add some sugar and lemon juice on top. Add them into the pitcher and wait 5 minutes. This will allow the essence of the fruit to mix with the tea.

Ice Cream Tea


Ice cream tea may sound a little weird, but it's actually really delicious. Instead of using black tea, this time, we’ll be using green tea. Start by boiling your water, then turn the stove off and add in your sencha tea. Sencha is a Japanese tea that is also known as 'Steeped Tea'. Add in 2-3 teaspoons and mixed it well. After 2 minutes, use a sifter and pour your tea into a pitcher; make sure the holes on the sifter are small enough that none of the tea leaves flow into the pitcher. Add in 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and honey. Mix it well, then add in your scoop of vanilla ice cream. There you have it: instead of a coke float, you now have an iced tea float!

Strawberry Iced Tea


To make this delicious strawberry iced tea, you’ll first need to boil your water and make some black tea. Pour your pot of hot tea into a heat-proof glass bowl. Add in 1/3 cups of white (or brown) sugar and half a cup of freshly pressed lemon juice. Then, take a sifter and sift 4 cups of puree strawberries. Once your hot tea has cooled down, you can add the puree in. You can add in a couple of ice cubes to cool it down faster. Refrigerate it and there you go: your own home-made strawberry iced tea!

Iced tea is a great drink to have on a hot summer day. If you don’t like buying store bought soft drinks, you can try out these simple, yet amazing iced tea recipes!

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