How to Make Ramen

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How to Make Ramen

While you can always buy instant noodles at the store, homemade ramen can be 10 times better. Not only is it healthier, you can also add in extra ingredients to give it more texture and flavor. Here is how to make ramen at home.


curly noodles

Choosing your noodles is very important. You won't be using normal spaghetti noodles to make your ramen, you'll be using specific “curly” ramen noodles. If your soup is going to be really strong, you want your noodles to be as light as possible.

Flavoring and Seasonings

Japanese tare

To season the water that you are cooking your noodles in, add some salt and soy sauce. These are some of the simplest flavors you can go with. Miso is a pretty light broth, which can also be a great choice. If you want something a little heavier and stronger, add in some minced garlic with salt. Then finally, add in your tare. It's what makes your broth taste delicious.



Your broth can taste really light or really strong. You can either make your own broth, or buy one that's pre-made. If you plan on making one yourself, you can find a ton of recipes online. Some of the most basic ingredients to use in your broth are: bones, carrots, onions, and garlic. If you are vegetarian or vegan, you can try using vegetable broth instead.


sesame oil

To kick your ramen broth up a notch, you have to add in some oils. Sesame or Garlic oil have strong flavors and aromas to them. They can make your lighter broth much heavier. Be careful when you add it in; you don't want to add in too much as it could become too salty.

Meat (Exclude if vegetarian)

meat ramen

If you plan on using meat in your ramen, try chicken or beef. Make sure that they are cut into smaller pieces as you want to be able to fit it in your mouth with some of your noodles. Pork belly is a very popular choice for ramen. You can fry you meat in a pan and later add it into your ramen. Of course if you're vegetarian or vegan, you can add in more eggs and veggies as substitute.

Egg and Veggies

soft boiled eggs

If you want to add eggs to your ramen, soft-boiled eggs are the way to go. You only need to get a pot of boiling water, drop in your whole eggs, and wait 7 minutes. Then, when it's done cooking, place them under cool water as this will make them harden back up again. Spinach and chinese cabbage also go really well with ramen. You can also add in some corns and peas if you feel like you need something extra.

Cook It!

ramen in a bowl delicious

Once you have all your ingredients going, just make sure your water is boiling and every ingredient is cooked properly. Once your noodles are cooked to the specific texture you like, you can take your ramen noodles and broth out of the pot. Serve it warm and enjoy!

Ramen is a simple dish to make when you want something fast and hot to eat. If you plan on making your own ramen, there are tons of recipes that you can find online or in cooking books. The great part is that everyone can eat it, since you can add in all kinds of ingredients. The ramen can be meatless, kimchi flavored, or even seafood ramen. It all just depends on how you make it!

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