How to Shop Sustainably

How to Shop Sustainably

These days many people are interested in doing their part for helping the environment and society in general. Fortunately, it is easier than ever because there are so many ways you can do it. This includes shopping. That's right, just going to buy something can help build a better world. This short guide will explain how to shop sustainably so you can buy the things you want and feel good about it too! 


What is Sustainability?


Sustainability is an umbrella term that is used to cover a whole range of different practices. Essentially it means reducing and avoiding the use of natural resources to promote a healthy environment. You have heard many of these terms before like fair trade, farm to table, locally sourced and so on. These are just of the few of the ways people are practice sustainability.

Quality Products


No matter how sustainably and environmentally friendly that something is produced making something new is just a resource costly product. For that reason, opt for better made products that will last you longer. It's great to buy 10 t-shirts for a dollar, but a solid one that will hold up for years is a much better idea. 



Fortunately for you, it's hip to be vintage. Buying vintage clothes and other used products is a win-win for everyone. It helps you find something retro, cool or unique while there are no new resources being spent on making a new product. 



Think about some of the things in your house. Look where they are made. Things that travel a long distance are doubly bad for the environment. Not only do you have the resource cost of constructing a new product, but then there is the shipping of it which uses fuel, requires trucks, roads and so on. Support local industry for the benefit of your own community. The added benefit is that these goods are usually higher quality as well. 

Recycle and Donate


This is where you do your part. If you have outgrown that sweater or simply don't need those speakers anymore then don't just hunk them in the landfill. Take the time to donate the items to a second hand store, many of which do excellent community service with the proceeds. And be sure to recycle your old electronics. They contain many hazardous chemicals that leak out and damage the environment. 

There are so many ways that you do your part and help out the world around you. Best of all sustainable products are often better quality and more unique. So start shopping sustainably today!

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