How to Take Off Waterproof Mascara

How to Take Off Waterproof Mascara

Taking off your makeup at the end of the day can be so annoying. If you are wearing waterproof mascara, that just takes it to a whole other level. Here are a couple of ways on how to take off waterproof mascara, making your skin-care routine a whole lot easier.

Makeup Wipes


Makeup wipes are for those of you out there that are really lazy when it comes to their skin-care routines. They work, but not only are they harsh on your skin, they can also tug at your lashes, and cause them to fall out. Only use makeup wipes in emergencies or when you aren't wearing any waterproof makeup.

Eye-Makeup Remover


A lot of people tend to stay away from eye-makeup removers because of their oiliness. It feels uncomfortable when you apply it to your face. After you wash the mascara off, it can leave a greasy substance that may sting if it makes contact with your eyes. This won't happen if you use natural oils.

Coconut Oil


Coconut oil does wonders stripping off your makeup. Not only does it strip off all your face makeup, it's also a lot safer than using commercial products. If you plan on buying some coconut oil, try to separate them into smaller jars or bottles; this way, you won't have to stick your fingers into an entire jar.

Olive Oil


Olive oil is another great option to use when you want to use something cheaper than coconut oil. You can find different brands of olive oils at your grocery stores, but you have to find one that doesn't have any extra additives. Once you find the right olive oil, it can work just as well as coconut oil. However, it is possible that there are some mascaras that just won't budge even when you use natural oils.

Cold Cream Cleanser


For those mascaras that just won't go away, you'll have to use a cold cream cleanser. It is a commercial product, but the effects are amazing. They have a creamy texture rather than an oily texture, which makes them much more comfortable to rub on the face. 'Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser' is one of the best there is out on the market. It's also sold at a reasonable price.

Micellar Water


Even after you wash off all your makeup, you will still have some leftover mascara and eye shadow left around your eyes. Micellar water might not be able to wash away your waterproof mascara, but it can take away any leftover makeup you have on your face. You can also use it to get rid of the top layers of your makeup; this way, you won't have to use a lot of cleanser when you wash your face.

Taking off your makeup at the end of the day can be really annoying, especially on a day when you're exhausted and just want to go to sleep. You have to wash off your makeup however! If you don't, it may cause you to break out, or it may cause your lashes to dry out or even break off.

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