How to Tie a Tie

Step by step
How to Tie a Tie

Even with the prevalence of clip-on ties and other easy solutions, classical ties are still a strong part of a man's formal wardrobe. You just can't have a suit without a tie, and, in most circles, a clip-on tie is still considered to be a fashion faux pas. Still, tying a tie isn't simple.

Besides being confusing for a lot of people, there are a plethora of different knots and styles to choose from when tying your tie, some of which are easier than others. In this how-to, we'll be teaching you how to tie a tie, specifically, the Windsor. It's the classic tie knot, and one of the most versatile.

Step One

tie man business green windsor

To begin tying the Windsor knot, you should have your tie draped around your neck. The long, wide end, which will be the only end of the tie that you will move, should be on the right. The shorter, narrow end, which will remain where it is, should be on the left. The narrow end should rest just above your navel.

Step Two

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Once you have your tie situated over your neck properly, it's time to start tying! Begin by moving the wide end (the active end) over the top of the narrow end. Next, you'll want to loop the wide end of the tie back under the bottom of the “neck loop”, which is the portion of the tie that is looped  around your neck. Pull it all the way through.

Step Three

ties colorful windsor business work

Still moving only the active end of the tie, pull it down and to your left, over the narrow end of the tie. This is the second time that you'll have done this, which is important in tying the Windsor knot. Now, pull the active end behind the narrow end and to the right. The back of the tie should be facing forwards, if you are doing this correctly. It should also be at a diagonal, if correctly positioned.

Step Four

windsor tie colorful business work

Pull the active wide end upwards, either directly or at a very slight angle. Make sure that the narrow end of your tie hasn't strayed from where it started, and that it is still fairly straight. Next, bring the active end of the tie back under the neck loop, keeping it to the same side that you just pulled it from, which is the right. Pull it down at an angle, as you did in Step Three.

Step Five

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Loop the active end of the tie around the top of the knot that you've been tying, making sure that it covers it. You'll be moving from the right to the left. Now, pull the active end of the tie under the left side of the neck loop. You don't have to focus on how straight you can make it here, but it helps to try to keep it neat.

Step Six

checkered tie business work suit

Pull the wide end, which is still the active end, through the top loop of the knot that you've created. You may need to loosen it just a bit before doing so, but try to keep it fairly tight. Pull the active end completely through the knot, pull the knot tight, and straighten. Congratulations! You've tied a Windsor tie knot!

Step Seven

blazer man work business tie

Practice, practice, practice! Like with anything else, tying a tie takes practice to master. So continue practicing this, and maybe try a few new knots! But the Windsor will always be the classic.

Though many people have trouble tying ties, and some don't even bother trying in the first place, traditional ties are easy to wear once you've got the technique down pat. The knots are numerous but, if you can manage to tie the Windsor, you're all set for any and all occasions where ties might be required.

Soon enough, you'll wonder why you ever considered clip-on ties to begin with! Instead of fretting about it, you can simply take matters into your own hands, practice your knot-tying, and wear your tie with pride!

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