How to Tie-Dye a Shirt

Step by step
How to Tie-Dye a Shirt

Are you looking to spice up the clothes in your closet? Have they become too bland and boring for your liking? Well, you should tie-dyea shirt in your free time. Creating a style that you like will bring about your identity and your personality in a shirt.

Starting Your Creation

blank shirt on man

To work on this project, you will need a shirt, dye, and something to hold the shirt in place (elastics, rubber bands, hair-ties, or string), soda ash solution, a flat surface, a plastic cover, rags, paper towels, and a bowl. Also, you will need a washer to cement the colors in your shirt forever.

Striped Tie-Dye

tie dye shirt stripe

To start your tie-dye shirt, use a blank white t-shirt, or a shirt that has a light color on it. This will allow the tie-dye to work best in the shirt. Place the shirt flat on a smooth surface. Roll the bottom of the shirt upwards to the neckline, so the shirt begins to look like a wide tube. Next, use elastics to keep the shirt in place.

The Tie-Dye Process

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In your work area, you will need all your supplies in a safe, mess-free environment. Dying fabric is very messy, so set up a table that is covered to protect the area. Also, a tray might be a good idea to hold the shirt, tie dying solution, etc. Extra paper towels and rags can be used to wipe up solution if you are in a pinch.

Soaking the Shirt

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Before you can tie-dye, you will need to cover the shirt in a soda ash solution, which helps the tie-dye bond to the shirt. Don’t use water during this process because the dye will not bond as well. Now, you can start soaking the shirt in the dye of your choice.

Waiting for Completion

tie dye in bag

After you have dyed the shirt the way you want, wait for the dye to set in a plastic baggie. After 4 to 6 hours, you will be good to rinse the dye out in a bowl, and throw it in the washer to finalize. Be careful as you put the shirt in the washer, so you don’t splash dye on the clothes you are wearing or countertops.

Washing in the Future

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Now, you can wear your shirt whenever you want. When you have to wash the shirt down the road, you can throw it in with the colors, and it won’t dye the other clothes. Also, you can either hang dry or put the shirt in the dryer from now on.

Creating your own personal tie-dye shirt is one of the best things to do in the summer. Using a little creative juices will make your shirt different from any other shirt around.

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