How To Keep Your Pets Off the Furniture

How To Keep Your Pets Off the Furniture

Some people are fine with their pets walking and laying on furniture in the house, but there are others that like to keep their house as clean as possible. This means that they won't allow animals on the furniture. Pets tend to be pretty free in terms of where they'd like to sit and rest; they are able to pretty much sleep anywhere, including sofas, beds, chairs, tables, or next to a fireplace. Here you will learn a couple of ways on how to keep your pets off the furniture.

Using Specific Words


When you are training your dog to sit or stay, you use the same words and hand gestures every time. You will be teaching your pet to stay off the furniture the same way. Animals can usually tell what mood you're in by listening to your tone of voice and your body language. Try to use a stern but even tone when you are telling him to get off the couch. You need to show him who’s boss. Once your pet knows the words, you can usually just say it for them to get off without using a stern tone.

Get a Bed


The reason your pet is laying on the furniture is probably because the material is a lot more comfortable than the floor. Just as you want something comfy to sit on, your pet also wants somewhere comfy to lay. A great way to get your pet to stay off the couch or chair is to get him his own bed. First, see what his favorite couch or chair is in the house, figure out what kind of material it’s made out of. This way, when you go and get him a bed, you will find one that you know he’ll like. Then, go ahead and train him to lay on his bed.

When You’re Not Home


It's hard to keep your pets off the furniture when you’re not at home, especially at the beginning. To make sure that they can’t get to the furniture, try and get a folding door that keeps them out of the room with the furniture. For example, if you don’t want your dog or cat to jump onto the sofa, you can make a ‘wall’ with the folding door, keeping your pet out of the living room.

Occupy the Space


If your living room entry way is too large for your folding door, what you can do is put something on to the furniture. This will leave no room for your pet to lay or sit down on. Try getting something heavier, as this way, it can’t knock it down.



It is NOT recommended to use chemical deterrents on your furniture. Although they might be effective, there is the possibility that they can harm your pets. You can find DIY natural pet deterrents online. It’s a much better option than chemical ones.

Owning a pet can be quite a task, but pets can also bring great joy to your life. Although it can be a pain to keep them off the furniture, once they learn it, they won’t forget it. 

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