What Is Dabbing?

What Is Dabbing?

Every generation has their strange dance craze. From disco to the Macarena, it's obvious that there's one thing that really connects the generations across time, and that is their desire to move their bodies in strange, often fairly ridiculous, ways. Not that that's bad, of course. But the millennials have their own sort of dance...or even just a movement.

Quite a few of the older crowd have frequently found themselves asking “What is dabbing?

What Is Dabbing?

Dabbing was, originally, a type of dance. And it can still be seen as a dance move today. But it's transcended that, and become something of a running gag amongst the millennials, and even those who fall far outside of the millennial demographic. It's now become more of a single move, almost like a peace sign; something to have friends take pictures of.

Where Did Dabbing Come From?

This is a bit of a mystery. The most obvious answer is that the dance came from Atlanta, where the hip-hop scene either invented this brilliantly simple move or flawlessly brought it in and adopted it as their own. There are a plethora of artists that are credited with the invention of the newest millennial craze, but no straight answers.

How to Dab

kids dabbing millenial

Dabbing, compared with other dance crazes of yesteryear's teens, is actually a very simple dance move.

It doesn't require all that much coordination, making it great for those who can't walk without tripping over their feet. To start, you simply need both arms to be slanted in the same diagonal direction. One of the arms needs to be crooked to do this. Next, you need to tuck your head under the crooked arm.

Congratulations: You're dabbing!

Who Should Dab

young people millenial

Dabbing is mainly a millennial craze, and for a reason: The older you are, the sillier you look when you try to dab.

So, perhaps it doesn't look quite as ridiculous on an actual millennial, preferably one that is still fairly young and immature. But even they can look silly. So, really, dabbing should be done by anyone who doesn't mind looking a bit ridiculous while doing it. It's still fun!

Who Should Not Dab

As stated before, dabbing, like many other generational dances, can look kind of funny. And, when doing this dance move, the person who is doing it will probably look a bit funny themselves. There have been cases of people being called out for doing it, mostly because of their age. But the only people who shouldn't dab are those who can't take being a bit of a joke. Remember:  It looks silly on everyone!

Every generation has their own special dance move that the generation before it mocks as being stupid and ridiculous. And, for the most part, all of them are. However, just as generations before the millennials got to have their own crazes, we must let the millennials have dabbing. It is, after all, only fair.

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