What to Do for Fun When You're Bored

What to Do for Fun When You're Bored

Being bored can be really annoying. It happens to pretty much everyone. Sometimes, you feel like there’s absolutely nothing to do, and that’s when your mood starts to turn upside down. Here are 7 things you can do for fun when you’re bored out of your mind.

Board Games


If you’re with your friends and you guys have no idea what to do, get a board game out! Not only are board games fun, they also help exercise the brain. If you’re alone at home, board games might not be the best idea because you'll probably need more than one person to play a game!



The great thing about art is that there are so many different kinds of forms to it. There’s spray painting, oil painting, water colors, sketching, tablet drawing, photoshop, etc.. Even if art isn’t your speciality, it’s a great time to practice or try something new out. Who knows, you might even become really good at it after a while!

Clean Up


When you’re bored, you should still try to be productive. This is the time to clean up around the house! Start with your room. If you spend most of your time in there, then it should be the messiest place in your house. You never have the time to properly clean up when you’re busy, so now is the best time to give your place a good sweep.



If you usually don’t have the time to shop, now is a great time to get all your shopping done in one big swoop. A lot of people like to shop online because it’s much easier than going from shop to shop to try to buy everything on their list. If you have a really busy schedule, you should make sure that you plan a day, or at least a couple of hours, once every month to buy all the things you need.



Not everyone likes to cook and bake, but for those who do, this can be the time to practice your skills. Now that you aren’t busy, you can test out new recipes. Cooking and baking with friends can be really fun, but you can also do it alone as long as you are safe and careful.

Going for a walk


Being bored can be an easy way to get lazy. You may find yourself laying around a lot and not doing much in general. Going for a walk will allow you to get some fresh air and sun, and also get you energized. If you start to get bored walking on the same path, try choosing a new path, but just make sure it’s safe.

Computer & Television


Let’s face it: usually when we’re bored, the first thing we turn to is either the computer or the television. It’s not the best choice, but it does take your mind off being bored. It gives your brain a rest from working constantly. If you really can’t think of anything else to do, this would be the last resort. Pull up Netflix and find a new TV show to binge-watch!

Being bored can be a real pain for people that are really hyper and energetic. Here are only a couple of ways to help with boredom; there are all kinds of things you can try!

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